Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer has arrived in Florida

Yes, summer is here and it is HOT,  I can't believe we are in the mid 90's each day now.  Our air conditioner is already working overtime and does not sound really great.   Say a prayer, last one more year.

So keeping with the summer theme I used two different "faux postage" stamps from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps®.  They look like a film strip, but in two different styles.  Stamping exactly the same stamp images I wanted to show the difference between the postage images.


image number G3527                                 image number  F3528  

If you want to learn how to stamp using the faux postage images, go HERE to Just For Fun's® web site and view the tutorial for "Faux Postage".    It is QUICK and EASY. 

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