Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faux Post "Tree in Winter"

Just For Fun's faux postage grids make it fun and easy to create unique greeting cards. I used G3141 Tree in Winter, G2479 3+1 faux post grid and template G2479T to complete this card.

Each postage grid that Just For Fun sells has a plastic template to match. It is a good idea to purchase both because it will make the technique much easier. Using black ink stamp the postage grid G2479 on white cardstock, now place the matching plastic template G2479T on top of the stamped image making sure it covers all the dotted lines of the grid pattern. I usually use a low tack tape to keep it all in place while I do the next steps. Apply color to the open areas using stipple brushes or foam applicators. A few different colors of ink were used to get the colors of winter. Next stamp the tree G3141 Tree in Winter directly on top of the plastic grid, hold it in place for a few seconds so the image will transfer to the paper. Remove the plastic template and place aside to be cleaned with a wet and dry paper towel. This will reveal your stamped masterpiece. Trim with decorative scissors from Fiskars named "stamp" around the outer edge of the faux post image, be sure you can see the dotted frame. Layer on coordinating card stock and your card is finished. That was quick and easy.

In this card I used the same tree G3141 and faux post grid F2177 Rectangular Faux Post, template F2177T

  • all stamps: Just For Fun, Tree in Winter G3141, 3+1 Grid G2479, F2177 Rectangular Faux Post

  • templates: Just For Fun , 3+1 G2479T and Rectangular Faux Post G2177T

  • ink pads: Adirondack various colors

  • misc: Fiskars scissors "stamp"

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  1. Glad to have such a nice "visual" on these stamps!